Monday, October 11, 2010

The Inspiration Bug

It's biting.

Lately it seems I'm seeing more and more people posting about how they were just hit with inspiration for a new and exciting project. Several times even! This is the position I'm finding myself in now.

I've always had a few project idea sitting on the back burner, waiting for their turn to be written, but they've always done just that. Waited. There was an order in which I knew what I wanted to write. But now...?

I've been bitten. At least 3 times. I'll be working on my WIP by day, and dreaming about another story by night (am I cheating on my WIP? Lol).  I keep a journal by my bed, because I'm often struck with (what I like to think is) a brilliant idea to improve upon a plot. This is often not for the my WIP, but for my (mistress?) other ideas.

So while I'm writing THE VACANT THRONE, I've managed to almost completely outline SAVIUM (a little mermaid retelling), and have also fallen in love with another idea, which is untitled as of yet (it involves hourglasses, accidental kidnappings, agelessness, and of course, magic). None of these feel like the 'back burner' type. They are all screaming to be written.

What a dilemma.

What I've decided to do is this: Write them all. At once.

I plan on writing whichever one I feel interested in every time I sit down at the computer. Eventually (I'm hoping) one will stick more than the others, and will be the only one I dedicate myself to finishing. This approach should work fine, being that I'm not too far into TVT.

In other news, I have something like 21 tweets until I'll have reached my 1,000th tweet, and so I've challenged myself to write 10,000 words (in one story) before I reach my 1,000th tweet. 21 tweets is not very many, so it's good incentive. :)

And if you'll notice, on the side bar I've added "Show and Tell" where I'll be posting random quotes from whatever I'm working on at the moment. I also added a "book shelf" of the books which I currently own and are in my TBR pile, if you were wondering about my tastes, or were looking for something new to read. <3

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  1. It's not cheating... it's merely a consensual polyamorous relationship. (;

    I do the same thing though. It's great, because you can get bored/frustrated with one WIP, work on another for half an hour, and then have a total eureka moment with the first one.

    Best of luck with your writing! (And since this is an old entry, did you get to 10,000 words before your 1,000th tweet?)